A couple of shots of the 12 inch thick steel beams supporting the center of the house:


339 Texas Street, circa 2003.  Note the power lines and that the original garage door was less than 8’ wide

The basement was first gutted, then the old cement floor was cut and holes for the new footings and three grade beams were dug.  Some of the holes for the supporting posts were as large as 5’ x 5’ x 4’, and each was later filled of rebar reinforced cement.

The grade beams run North-South, from property-line to property-line and provide a tremendous amount of shear and twisting strength to the building (after the shear walls that sit on top of them were added and tied into the building framework).  Although only one lateral sheer wall was required, three were added for additional strength.  Each was dug and later filled with rebar tied into the existing foundation (and some new sections) and then filled with cement.

Steel beams were then added to support the center and front of the house and to tie into the grade beams, giving the house the structure of a new home.

Here the steel beams can be seen and the cross bracing has been removed.

A view from the front of the building all the way to the back yard

The ironwork for a grade beam to be

The cement being pored

After the structural upgrade was complete, the plumbing was completely replaced with new steel piping.

... And finally, a brand new garage floor was poured from the sidewalk, all the way to the back yard.

The red jacks support the cross support beams above, temporarily holding up the entire center of the  building up.

The gutted garage, facing the street

Some of the structural details

Some of the foundation work details

From the front of the house all the way to the back

The foundation in the back of the house ready for the pour

This is the ironwork for the grade beam that spans the front of the house.  Later, the foundation was built and poured upon it

... And that is how it started.  In 2004, the permits for the upper unit (339) were pulled and in the Spring of the following year, the work began.  See other posts for more info.